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10 Amazing Hair Styles For Girls You Must Explore!


Whether you have long or short hair, how you wear your hair and carry off the style is what’s important. Your hair style depends on your face cut, your nose and other facial features. If you have the right hair style, it can be a big confidence booster to you and can enhance your self-esteem. 

These are a few styles to choose from:

10Braided Flower Crown

Flower Crown
Flower Crown

This is a really girly hair style, with the hair looking like roses. It needs pinning and braiding but doesn’t look as difficult as it seems. 

Method: Ensure your hair is tangle-free, brush it back once. From the crown of your head, pick up one portion of hair and plait it till the end, securing it with a hair elastic band. Pick up two more sections of hair, one on each side of the first part, repeating the earlier step. Tug the braids loose from the right to loosen them. 

Roll each plait in a circular fashion, and pin it down flat against your head so that it resembles a flower. Spray hairspray so that the flowers set in place.



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