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10 Amazing Hair Styles For Girls You Must Explore!


Whether you have long or short hair, how you wear your hair and carry off the style is what’s important. Your hair style depends on your face cut, your nose and other facial features. If you have the right hair style, it can be a big confidence booster to you and can enhance your self-esteem. 

These are a few styles to choose from:

9Half Dutch Ponytail


Ponytail your hair and then add some fine braiding into it. A braid on the side gives your hair more volume and enhances the beauty of a basic ponytail. 

Method: Brush back your hair and mist some texturing spray so that it stays well. Pick up a clump of hair above one ear and divide it into three parts. Make Dutch braids of these three parts by putting the side part under the middle part and then adding hair into the braid with each time that you braid it. Continue with braiding your hair till you reach the back of your head and till the end and tie it with a hair elastic. Gather your hair including the braid and tie it into a ponytail.

Take a thin part of hair and wrap it around the bottom of your ponytail so that the hair elastic doesn’t show and secure it using a bobby pin. Your Half Dutch Ponytail is ready.


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