9 Reasons Why You Must Visit San Francisco Atleast Once In A Lifetime !!

The magic of San Francisco has called to visitors like a siren song since its founding in 1776. The city, shrouded in fog, is home to architectural wonders, quirky residents, and enough attractions to keep anyone entertained. Need more convincing to visit the City by the Bay? Read on for 10 reasons why S.F. should be your next vacation destination.

9The food scene


There is no doubt that many people travel to a new city in order to try the local cuisine. Sure, you want to see the Golden Gate Bridge and walk through Dolores Park, but those parts of your day will be punctuated by stuffing your face. San Francisco is not only home to gourmet restaurants but also kitschy casual food. Whether you feast on delicious vegan delights (be sure to give Gracias Madre a try) or go home with a belly full of Ghirardelli, you’re bound to leave happy.



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