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7 Amazing Facts About Mr. Bean You Never Knew!


You could be old, young or middle-aged, but at some time, you must have watched the funny Mr. Bean on TV. Though out and out comic, there’s a child in the character of Mr. Bean. Rowan Atkinson, who plays this character, is a very different person apart from the show. Shy as a child, he grew up to be a world-famous comedian. 

He stands out for his ability to depict humor through his facial expressions and body language, only to prove that comedy doesn’t need to be in words alone. This apart, there’s a lot about him that the world doesn’t know, but to start off, here are seven amazing facts you should know about the off-screen Mr. Bean or Atkinson. 

7He is a stammerer

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An obvious stammerer, Atkinson over-articulates his words to overcome pronouncing difficult consonants, for words beginning with B. With his ingenuity, he converted this problem into a comic moment, something you can see in Blackadder II. He found that while playing comic characters, his stammer would disappear. Soon, this became his inspiration to pursue acting. Because of his pronounced stammer, he doesn’t usually give interviews.


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