7 Plant-Based Ingredients You Need In Your Skincare Routine!!!


We love all things natural and organic for a reason. Not only do they taste great, providing all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for our bodies, but they are also great to make face masks, scrubs, creams, and all kinds of beauty products. In the end it all comes down to ‘we are what we eat’. It is essential to make sure that you eat a decent amount of all those yummy superfoods that will take care of your skin from within. Here are 7 plant-based ingredients you need in your skincare routine.

7Rose for protection

This beautiful flower has been used in all kinds of skincare rituals since the dawn of times. Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cooking has incorporated roses to create sweet drinks, teas, and mouth-watering desserts. Asian women have also used rose water in their beauty routines. Rose’s antioxidant and antiseptic properties are being vastly recognized, making it one of the most potent ingredients in modern-day beauty products. Drink rose water, rose-induced nut milk and eat rose chocolate to calm your skin, mind, and body.



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