7 Surprising Foods To Dip In Chocolate Fondue!

Chocolate dip

Chocolate fondue is a pleasant selection for no smart reason: Dipping luxurious foods in liquefied chocolate is delicious and, let’s face it, pretty sensual. It’s fine to serve the standard fondue contenders—strawberries, bananas, cookies, graham whacky, cubes of angel food cake—but considers adding some a lot of attention-grabbing choices too, to hit that sweet-salty spot, offer some piquance, or marry some attention-grabbing textural contrasts (opposites attract, after all). Here ar some deliciously intriguing concepts for what to dip in fondu.


Celeb-how to make crisp bacon
Celeb-how to make crisp bacon

Chocolate-covered bacon is a pretty factor, however it takes a bit time to form, what with the coating on all sides and so property it set. Why not just cook it to crisp perfection, drain it, and dip it straight into a pot of liquefied chocolate? Sweet-salty seduction.



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